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Knowledge is power in the future of renewable energy, and ARAM SOLAR is the leader of the Solar Revolution.  By staying on top of the technology, and pioneering new techniques ARAM SOLAR’s installations have been the leading example of how to maximize solar efficiency, and reducing cost to a level where subsidies are no longer required.

ARAM SOLAR Customer service:

Our Sales and Service Department answer directly to Aram Alexander the company’s owner.  This direct communication guarantees our customers get their questions answered, and their desires met.  ARAM SOLAR Representatives are required to set the standard for building relationships with the consumer, and working with competitors to raise the level of education in the solar industry.

ARAM SOLAR Installation Team:

Training and education is the key to the ARAM SOLAR Installation Team’s quality of workmanship.  PG&E classes, Product Training, and continued education is required for all ARAM SOLAR Employees.  The ARAM SOLAR World Class Training Facility has been training our installers along with other installers from within the industry.  Creating the standard for our industry that is sufficient for the market, and building codes is what sets us apart from other companies.

We are the Pioneers of Solar Photovoltaic Installations.

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