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Welcome to ARAM SOLAR

Solar energy is an independent energy of choice as it offers financial liberty while protecting the environment. While electricity costs continue to rise, clean and renewable solar systems provide a way to help homeowners save money on their utility bills. It is an important factor in government rebates and tax credits. You can save up to 50% on the system's cost. Hence, solar is an easy choice.

Leader of the solar revolution

ARAM SOLAR is the leader of the solar revolution. We always stay updated with the best solar technology and techniques. ARAM SOLAR’s installations have proven to be a leading example of how to maximize solar efficiency and reduce cost to a level where subsidies are no longer required.


Our mission is to provide quality solar electric power systems, so that you can use renewable energy sources and save money on electricity bills.


Install solar electric power systems

ARAM SOLAR insists you utilize free energy from the sun and reduce the increasing effect of utility rates. Become your own power producer and enjoy energy independence by installing a quality solar electric power system at your home.

Protect the environment by using clean, renewable solar energy in your home.


Bill L. Modesto


The entire Aram Solar team exceeded our expectations with their knowledge, professionalism and quality workmanship. We have had our solar for 6 years now, not a single problem, just saving money now.


Mary C. Stockton


Why we went with Aram Solar:  Experience is why. Aram Solar has only ever done Residential and Commercial solar since solar was 1999.  We did the research, and we found was that every other company we talked to, which was 6, were plumbers, pool guys, or AC guys that now are doing solar.   We couldn’t risk our home to people who are not as experienced, we have read too many horror stories.  4 Years later, still humming along, no issues.  Thanks Aram Solar!


Dan C. Lodi


Doing Business with Aram Solar was a pleasure. I found them both; very genuine & competitively priced. In the last 15 years, Aram Solar has been the 3rd Solar Contractor I've hired. They are also the best. They put my system together in 2 days, and explained the operation of the equipment in detail. I would definitely hire them again.


Tom C. Dublin


I have had my solar for almost a year and it has been working perfectly and earning me lots of credits on my PG&E bill.  Aram beat all the big companies on price and used high quality solar panels.  I highly recommend having Aram Solar review your solar needs.


Sue A. Folsom


Full solar array of 40 panels on two roofs. Solar output above my expectations as promised in the system designed by Aram. Very knowledgeable, experienced and committed to his company and customers who have made the wise choice in investing in solar. Enjoyed working with the owner of the company and not a salesperson. Job began and completed in the time frame agreed upon. All American well-made and warrantied equipment and installation. Researched and interviewed five different companies. We chose Aram Solar and am very happy we did. ADDITION: Operating great 6 months later and above my expectations A couple of very minor wi-fi problems on my end. Aram corrected quickly and helped me navigate the Solaredge Portal.    UPDATE: So exciting, got our first True-Up from PG&E, not a dime owed!  Thank you again Aram!


Mike O. Brentwood


We talked with 9 companies before choosing Aram Solar. We bought a system large enough to cover our electricity needs, all electric home, sauna and hot tub. Only 3 companies would take the time to quote, the others wanted to maximize our ROI by just getting us out of the more expensive teirs. The other 2 companies did not plan for a large enough system. We were reluctant because of the distance, but went with Aram and the distance has never been a problem. As our vehicles use some electricity, we still pay 0, but as the vehicles use more, we will have Aram add more panels. Retired without an electric bill, thank you Aram. BTW, at home shows we have talked to other Solar folks when they ask, and 3 of them have told us that Aram is a leader in the field.

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