Save Money by Day and Sleep Better at Night
When you make the informed choice to go solar, you'll sleep better knowing that you're doing your part to preserve the environment and leave a cleaner world for your children. Better yet, you'll applaud your sound financial decision every month when your meager utility bill arrives. You'll reduce the amount of energy you purchase from your utility, lower your electricity costs, and provide a measure of protection against future utility rate hikes.

Your Utility Meter Spins Backwards with Net Metering
With net metering, your electric meter tracks your net power useage, spinning forward when you use electricity from the utility, and backward when your system generates more electricity than you need. Your local utility or www.dsireusa.org can provide specific details on the net metering program in your area.

How Net Metering Works
During the day, your solar system "banks" any surplus electricity you produce in the grid, feeding it back to the utility and generating a credit on your bill. The more electricity you produce, the more you save. At night, the system automatically siphons the electricity you need from the grid. This forward and backward flow of electricity is completely automatic, and provides a smooth, uninterrupted flow of power for all of your household needs.

Solar Lowers Your Utility Bills
Electricity rates in many areas continue to rise exponentially. California's rates are currently increasing by an average of 6.7% per year! By generating your own electricity, you'll enjoy a hedge against future rate hikes. Should you produce surplus electricity; the utility will generate a credit on your bill. This system helps to balance out higher solar production in summer vs. winter, allowing you to apply summertime credit to reduce your winter bills.