Positive Cash Flow in the First Year

Generous state rebates, 5 year Accelerated Depreciation and Federal Tax Credits combine to provide immediate positive cash flow for most commercial solar power installations in the very first year.
It depends on careful system design, rebate and incentive programs for your situation, and the size of your monthly electric bill. In order to maximize your savings from a solar energy system it is necessary to do an analysis of the solar exposure of your site, consider the applicable module mounting and electrical interconnection issues, and evaluate available electric rate plans. The financial, environmental and lifestyle benefits of a well-designed solar power system are compelling -- solar power energy systems are one of the best home and business investments you can make.

Financing, Rebates and Tax Credits Can Pay 100% of Solar Energy System Costs

Business and home offices benefit directly from the 30% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit and 5 Year Accelerated Depreciation. In most states, installation costs of a solar energy systems do not affect the assessed value of your property -- and purchase is exempt from sales tax.
The environmental benefits alone make installing a solar power system one of the best things you can do as a good corporate citizen.